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Bug CRM-15418 Critical

Membership tokens not evaluated when used in Scheduled Reminder for membership entity

Monish Deb David Greenberg Closed Fixed/Completed 4.5.3 CiviMember, Core CiviCRM
Bug CRM-19886 Important

DB Error on exporting advanced search with "employer of" fields

Unassigned Stephen Forder Open Unresolved     CiviMember
Bug CRM-18027 Major

No credit card transaction details after 4.7 update

Jitendra Purohit John L Webster II Closed Fixed/Completed 4.7.13 CiviContribute, CiviMember, Core CiviCRM
Bug CRM-18068 Major

batch member entry: renewal does not extend end date

Unassigned Brian Shaughnessy Closed Duplicate   CiviMember
Bug CRM-17497 Critical

Adding relationship with multi-valued custom field fails

David Greenberg Ellen Hendricks Closed Fixed/Completed 4.6.11 CiviMember
Bug CRM-14536 Major

Free Membership still submits to payment processor

Andrew Hunt Tadpole Collective Closed Fixed/Completed 4.6.7 CiviContribute, CiviMember
Bug CRM-19078 Minor

Cannot search memberships by auto-renew OR not-auto-renew

Yashodha Chaku Stoob Closed Fixed/Completed 4.7.10 CiviMember
Bug CRM-19848 Trivial

Membership Since and Start dates not being set when created from an Online Contribution page

Unassigned Alan Puccinelli Open Unresolved     CiviCampaign, CiviMember
Bug CRM-19855 Trivial

CiviMember reports display name, not label for Membership Status

Unassigned Jon K Goldberg Open Unresolved     CiviMember