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Bug CRM-20720 Important

CIVICRM-128 Unable to sort Price Options for Price Fieldset. Weight values are not being set at all in database.

Seamus Lee Agileware Closed Fixed/Completed 4.7.22 CiviMember
Epic CRM-14538 Major

Partial payments for Memberships

Ramesh sri Open - Unverified Unresolved 4.7.20   CiviContribute, CiviMember
Bug CRM-20670 Trivial

Cannot edit membership type if lots of members already exist

Unassigned Johan Vervloet Closed Fixed/Completed 4.7.22 CiviMember
Patch CRM-20650 Trivial

Translate strings (ts) in CiviMember dashboard and Contribute manage

Unassigned Francesc Bassas i Bullich Closed Fixed/Completed 4.7.22 CiviMember
Bug CRM-15461 Major

Scheduled annual membership reminders not sent after first year

David Greenberg Chris Cant To Backport Incomplete 4.6 CiviMember
Bug CRM-9352 Major

Printing/Emailing Contribution Receipt uses the Membership receipt template and not the Contribution Receipt

Deepak Srivastava Zack Esgar To Backport Duplicate 4.1.0 CiviContribute, CiviMember, CiviReport, Usability
Bug CRM-20413 Trivial

Wrong payment_instrument used for civicrm_contribution for membership office contributions

Unassigned Seamus Lee Open - Verified Unresolved Unscheduled   CiviMember
Bug CRM-20456 Major

Scheduled membership reminders sends multiple times

Unassigned Franky Van Liedekerke Open - Unverified Unresolved     CiviMember
Bug CRM-17219 Major

When renewing one's membership from backend, cannot choose to use priceset

Unassigned Guanhuan Chen Open - Unverified Unresolved Unscheduled   CiviMember