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Bug CRM-19298 Major

Membership fee amount doubled in receipt when 'separate membership payment' is configured

Unassigned Stoob Open Unresolved     CiviMember
Bug CRM-10370 Major

recurring membership via priceset breaks with non-recurring types present

Yashodha Chaku Brian Shaughnessy Closed Cannot Reproduce Unscheduled CiviMember
Bug CRM-19538 Important

Tax on Memberships is extremely wrong

Yashodha Chaku Agileware Open Unresolved     CiviContribute, CiviMember
Bug CRM-19009 Minor

Offline membership on the fly contact creation doesn't enable 'send confirmation receipt' checkbox.

Unassigned Pratik Joshi Open Unresolved Unscheduled   CiviMember, Core CiviCRM
Bug CRM-19469 Major

EWay transaction receipt not sent when member signs up using front-end form but works in the CiviCRM back-end

Unassigned Brian Hay Open Unresolved     CiviContribute, CiviMember