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Bug CRM-19094 Critical

cid=0 membership contribution form can overwrite data of an existing membership

Monish Deb Robert J. Lang Closed Fixed/Completed 4.7.10 CiviContribute, CiviMember
Improvement CRM-13270 Major

Dates issue in membership type upgrade

Unassigned Michelle Johnson Open Unresolved Unscheduled   CiviMember
Bug CRM-11081 Trivial

Certain fields are missing the translation dialog on the Membership tab of Contribution pages

Unassigned James Closed Cannot Reproduce Unscheduled CiviMember
Bug CRM-14416 Trivial

CiviCRM not changing membership status on time correctly

Unassigned Seamus Lee Closed Won't Fix 5.0 CiviMember
New Feature CRM-13049 Minor

Allow user to enter custom contribution fields when using "Record contribution" on backend membership pages

Unassigned Lola Slade Closed Won't Fix Unscheduled CiviMember
Improvement CRM-11293 Minor

Clean up membership receipt template

Yashodha Chaku Yashodha Chaku Open Unresolved Unscheduled   CiviMember
Bug CRM-18387 Minor

Contribution confirmation page forces custom date fields always to be format yyyy-mm-dd

Dilip Raj Baral Stoycho In Progress Unresolved Unscheduled   CiviContribute, CiviMember
Bug CRM-16442 Minor

Cannot create a fixed annual membership type with no rollover date

Unassigned Graham Mitchell Open Unresolved Unscheduled   CiviMember
Bug CRM-17834 Major

incorrect member dates after completing a payment for a future membership

Unassigned Guanhuan Chen Open Unresolved Unscheduled   CiviMember
Bug CRM-18503 Major

Membership join_date is incorrectly set by CiviContribute sign-up page

Jitendra Purohit Richard Seabrook Open Unresolved     CiviContribute, CiviMember
Bug CRM-16704 Minor

Contribution Recur ID not stored against membership when renewing

Unassigned Eileen McNaughton Open Unresolved Unscheduled   CiviMember
Bug CRM-18242 Minor

"email sent" message incorrectly being displayed.

Saurabh Batra kosa Open Unresolved     CiviMember
Bug CRM-19091 Major

Membership Status Pending Not Updating to Current (Scheduled Job)

Unassigned Lee Gooding Closed Won't Fix   CiviMember
Improvement CRM-19150 Minor

Preserve contribution when associated membership is deleted (step 1 of 2 | API and BAO)

Unassigned Jose Torres Closed Fixed/Completed 4.7.11 CiviContribute, CiviCRM API, CiviMember