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Bug CRM-18435 Major

Membership type smart group (from < 4.6) stops working in 4.6.15

Unassigned Agileware Closed Fixed/Completed 4.6.20, 4.7.10 CiviCRM Search, CiviMember, Core CiviCRM
Bug CRM-18027 Major

No credit card transaction details after 4.7 update

Jitendra Purohit John L Webster II In Quality Assurance Unresolved 4.7.13   CiviContribute, CiviMember, Core CiviCRM
Bug CRM-19294 Major

Unable to upload files via a contribution page

Monish Deb Jon-man Cheung In Progress Unresolved 4.7.13   CiviContribute, CiviMember, WordPress Integration
Bug CRM-17880 Major

Schedule reminders not sent if there is an entry in the action_log with same action_schedule_id

Unassigned Ellen Hendricks Closed Incomplete   CiviMember