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    • Type: Extension Review Request
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    • Overview:
      CiviCRM.org has new functionality to automate extension review, which is awesome. It's generating some notifications which may not be useful though.
    • How it works currently:
      I receive two emails daily about configuration errors which may affect a large number of CiviCRM extensions and which appear to be generated from a version of my extension that is not released or listed on CiviCRM.org
    • How it should work:
      Extension authors should receive legitimate notifications when a released extension is misconfigured


      Hi there!

      I'm the author of some extensions listed on CiviCRM.org, and I'm getting a couple of emails daily about some issues with those extensions which I suspect shouldn't generate emails. I'm reporting this because I fear others may be getting similar notifications

      The extension I'm getting notifications about is: https://github.com/fuzionnz/nz.co.fuzion.environmentindicator

      I'm getting two emails daily (I think), both I think aren't notifications worth sending.

      Git and info.xml version numbers don't match

      The message says, "The version numbers in the info.xml ("1.0") and in the git tag ("1.1") do not match.". However, the release on CiviCRM.org is 1.2; I propose we don't bother extension authors about previous misconfigured releases that aren't candidates for listing on CiviCRM.org.

      The Fully Qualified Name did not match parent extension: contrib.environmentindicator

      I found when I looked (screenshot) that there seem to be many extensions which don't follow this rule, including some which ship with core. The documentation says that the fully qualified name may match either of info.xml's name or file entries, and this extension satisfies the latter. Of an unscientific sample of 13 extensions on a local site I had available, seven installed extensions did not satisfy this requirement, including some which ship with core.

      This message also appears to refer to an old release of the extension; the current extension is nz.co.fuzion.environmentindicator.




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