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Optionally automatically assign each user to a household and synching of address changes of households/household members


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      This is a request that when records for individual contacts are created (either through import or through manual entry) there (optionally) should be a way to automatically create a household record if one does not exist without reimporting. This should not require reentry of the address and other location information.

      Reason; In some situations it is necessary to have separate mailing information for households and each of the individuals in a household. For example, board members may get individual letters about upcoming meeting, minutes etc., but invitations to events may be addressed the the member and his/her partner. Some individuals may get mail at their work address, but when the household gets mail it goes to the home address. Therefore in this situation it is important to have complete contact information at both the individual and household levels.

      Currently, when two individuals are imported with the same address and certain relationships (such as spouse of) a household is automatically created. However, solo individuals do not automatically created. Without a separate household record for each solo person creating address labels required a complex set of steps in which if a person IS NOTin a household he or she should have the individual record used, but if a person IS in a household the household record should be used. In addition when a person changes his or her relaionships in certain ways (e.g. by marrying) a new household must be manually created. When a household is dissolved one person is left in the household while the other becomes a solo individual who needs a new household created if there continue to be multiple people in the household (i.e. children). Doing this manually is probably necessary, but in terms of managing a mailing list it creates complexities that would be solved by having every person assigned to a household.

      Part two
      If an individual is in a household, and the address of the individual is changed, automatically ask if the address of the household and /or other members of the household should also be changed.

      Reason: Currently it is easy for household and individual records to become unsynched. Updating requires that each member of a household and the household record itself be manually updated if there is a change in the address.




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