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CivContribute - Contributions In Honor of...


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    • Fix Version/s: 1.6
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      Allow organizations to include an "In Honor Of..." block in their online contribution pages. Allow contributors to identify a person that their contribution is "In Honor Of..."

      Configure Online Contribution Pages
      1. Add fields which "enable" the "In Honor Of" block and define it's contents to civicrm_contribution_page:

      • honor_block_is_active TINYINT Default 0
      • honor_block_title varchar(255)
      • honor_block_text text

      2. Add these fields to the Settings subpage form.

      • "In Honor Of Section Enabled" checkbox - when checked the remaining fields are displayed.
      • "Title"
      • "Introductory Message"

      Online Contributions
      1. If honor_block_is_active, display the new section in a fieldset, after premiums section (if that's enabled - else below amounts/email).

      2. Block contains title (legend), intro msg, and the following input fields:

      • Prefix (drop-down)
      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • Email Address
        First + Last OR Email are required (same as for New Individual - as we will be dupe-matching on this input)

      3. Block + read-only of input fields are displayed on Confirm and Thankyou pages and are added to Receipt.

      4. Schema addition:

      • civicrm_contribution.honor_contact_id INT Default 0. Optional foreign key to civicrm_contact.id of the "In Honor Of" target contact.

      5. Confirm postProcess():

      • Check for matching Contact Individual (based on site-configured Dupe Match rules)
      • If no match or multiple matches, create contact individual and set honor_id to the new contact id.
      • If single match, just set honor_contact_id to matching contact_id

      Offline Contributions (Add/Edit/View contribution)
      1. Add "Contribution is In Honor Of" checkbox. When checked, show the "In Honor Of" input fields (First, Last, Email).
      2. If action = VIEW and honor_contact_id is not 0... show the honor_contact_id's display name..
      In Honor Of: Mr. Chetan Patel
      (and this should be a link to contact/view for that contact).

      Find Contributions
      1. Add "In Honor Of" name or email to search criteria
      2. Add "In Honor Of" contact display name to export




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