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Fatal error in activating CiviCRM Module


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      I'm trying to install the last CiviCrm module
      (civicrm-1.6.8517-drupal-php5.tar) on a Drupal 5.0 CMS. My configuration is:
      MySQL Server 5.026, and PHPMyAdmin 5.018. I'm totaly novice concerning this product so after having installed drupal correctly, I managed to install CiviCRM with the wiki documentation given by CiviCRM.
      I've made all what it was written, but unfortunatelly when I activated the module inside drupal configuration and press save settings, I got this error
      message: "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ',', expecting '(' in /home.13/s/o/s/sosbuena/www/modules/civicrm/drupal/civicrm.module on line 429"
      I'm asking for your help!!
      Thanks a lot

      The following message & bug has never been solved, hasn't it?

      Scott M Stolz [23/Jan/07 09:37 AM]
      Hi David:

      Thanks for the response. Actually, the link you gave me refers to a parse error on line 227. (The title of the thread does not match the error actually pasted by the person who was asking for help.) My parse error is on line 429, which is what this ticket is about.

      I think this is an issue of the CiviCRM database not being initialized properly because I activated the module before the database tables were created. One of the variables being requested in that line is $userID and I suspect that has not been set.

      Lines 426 thru 432:
      $userID = CRM_Core_BAO_UFMatch::getContactId( $user->uid );

      if ( $userID )

      { $html = CRM_Core_BAO_UFGroup::getEditHTML( $userID, '', CRM_Core_Action::UPDATE, true, $reset, null, $doNotProcess, $ctype ); }


      { $html = CRM_Core_BAO_UFGroup::getEditHTML( $userID, '', CRM_Core_Action::ADD, true, $reset, null, $doNotProcess, $ctype ); }

      Any assistance would be appreciated.




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