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Event participant role filter not working in Participant list Count Report


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          • This is a regression in Participant list Count Report and probably also Event Participant List. Please review Participant Role filter behavior on both reports. ***

      The event participant role filter doesn't seem to working on the Participant list Count Report since I updated to 4.6.9. When any participant role is selected, the report filters out all particpants, or, if 'is not one of' is selected, the report shows all the participants regardless of role.

      I was able to duplicate the error on the demo here: http://d46.demo.civicrm.org/civicrm/report/event/participantlist

      I posted this to the Stackexchange forum, but haven't had any response - as I was able to replicate the issue on the demo version, I'm reporting it here.

      Going through the problem again in the demo version with a view to posting it here, I've noticed variations in the way the filter fails to work: when more than one role is selected, some of the roles are filtered, but not all - so with 'Is one of Attendee, Volunteer, Host, Speaker' selected, only the Hosts and Volunteers are displayed on the demo, but when 'Is one of Volunteer, Host' (or 'Is one of Attendee, Speaker') is selected, no results are found. And when 'Is one of Attendee, Volunteer, Speaker' is selected, the volunteers are displayed - and so on.

      When the 'Is not one of' option is chosen, the problem is reversed - filtering 'Is not one of Attendee' brings up all the participants, while selecting all or some of the roles will filter for one or two of those selected.

      It's harder to work out if the same combinations are producing the same incorrect results on our version, just due to the scale of the data - it does seem to lose the Attendees when all the roles are selected.

      I know it was working in 4.6.4, but can't tell you if the interim versions were affected.

      (This also seems to affect Extended Report Event Pivot Chart, but not the Event Participant Report (List) and Extended Report - Participants reports)


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