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CiviContribute - Add Premium to Contribution Page has Invalid Status Msg


    • Type: Bug
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    • Fix Version/s: 1.7
    • Component/s: CiviContribute
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      If you go to the Premiums page under "Configure Contribution Page" - the template displays the message that "There are no active premiums on your site." IF the user has not saved the Premiums Settings yet (i.e. there is civicrm_premiums record for that page yet).

      This is confusing and incorrect. When you click the link to create a premium - you see that there ARE active products there already

      The behavior should be as follows on this page:
      1. If there is no civicrm_premiums record for the selected civicrm_contribution_page record, we SHOW the Premiums Settings fieldset (it is NOT collapsed). AND we do NOT show any status msgs (neither "There are no premiums offered on this contribution page yet...." NOR "There are no active premiums for your site...." message is displayed).

      2. If we HAVE a civicrm_premiums record, then we can properly show one of these two messages depending on which is true. If no active civicrm_product records, show "There are no active premiums for your site. ". If we have civicrm_product records, but NO civicrm_premium_product records - we show: "There are no premiums offered on this contribution page yet...."

      3. The userContext is not set properly when saving the Premiums Settings form. It should go back to "Configure Contribution Page" (admin/contribute?reset=1&action=update&id=N) for that contribution page. Currently it goes back to the contrib pages selector (admin/contribute?reset=1&action=browse)




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