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Profile - Option to Generate Email Notifications When A Profile Create or Edit Form is Submitted


    • Type: New Feature
    • Status: Done/Fixed
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed/Completed
    • Affects Version/s: 1.7
    • Fix Version/s: 1.8, 2.0
    • Component/s: Core CiviCRM
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      Many organizations want a staff member to be notified when a constituent has entered or updated their "contact information".

      1. Add new column to civicrm_uf_group, and modify 1.7-to-1.8 upgrade script to insert the column

      • notify VARCHAR(255) NULL

      2. Add field to Profile Settings form:

      • label = "Notify When Submitted"
      • description =
        "If you want member(s) of your organization to receive a notification email whenever this Profile form is used to enter or update contact information, enter one or more email addresses here. Multiple email addresses should be separated by a comma (e.g. jane@example.org, paula@example.org)
      • place the field in the Advanced Settiings fieldset below "Add Contact to Group"

      3. Generate/send the notification email if profile's "Notify" setting is populated with one or more email addresses.

      • Email should be generated from a new template (this will allow orgs to modify by making custom version of the tpl)
      • Email should include contact's display_name and link to view contact summary
        Subject: $uf_group.title Submitted by $display_name
        Submitted For: $display_name
        Date: $currentDaet
        Contact Summary: $viewContactURL
      • email should then list all fields in the form with their submitted values, e.g.:
        First Name: Jane
        Last Name: Doe
      • If all fields in a profile are optional, and NONE have values on submit, then don't send the notification.
          • Unless there are significant obstacles to doing so, this feature should "work" for Profile which are embedded in User Registration, My Account, Online Contribution pages, and Event Registration pages. ***

      4. Handling multiple profiles in a submitted form (e.g. User Registration, Online Contrib page or Event Reg):

      • if more than one profile is submitted at the same time, and more than one is configured for this behavior - handle this case in the cleanest, easiest way. If sending separate notifications for each discrete profile is easiest - that's fine.




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