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Replace payment details block with editable payment list on 'Edit Contribution' form


    • Type: Improvement
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    • Affects Version/s: 4.7.19
    • Fix Version/s: 5.1
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      Patch (backwards-compatible bug fixes)
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      In 4.6 partial payments were added for Events, and this has been gradually extended in 4.7 to membership and contributions. We need to update the user experience both on entry and display to handle this change. Some examples of when this might be relevant: a large annual membership fee that is not paid in one payment or in recurring equal and equally spaced installments, a mailback check is for less than the whole purchase requested, a user makes a cash payment at a meeting as a downpayment on a membership, etc.

      1. On 'edit contribution' form the payment details block will be replaced by payment lists
        Note: This will only list the payments which are paid, and this can be done as we are using the same function to retrieve payments under contribution tab in contact summary
      2. Action (as Pencil icon) for ‘Edit Payment’ form will be available against each payment records that is editable.
        Note: This action won’t be available against live payments i.e. financial_trxn.payment_processor_id IS NOT NULL
      3. Upon clicking the payment form, it will show following payment fields to edit
        a) Transaction Date
        b) Amount (readonly)
        c) Transaction ID
        d) CC type (available if CC is chosen as PI [Payment Instrument] ). The use case for this is where a credit card payment is made offline, eg through a point of sale (PoS) terminal, or via payment processor terminal
        e) pan_truncation (ie last 4 digits of card number) (available if CC is chosen as PI [Payment Instrument] )
        f) check_number (available if Check is chosen as PI [Payment Instrument] )
      4. Upon submit it will update the payment fields mentioned in #3

      Additional change:

      5. On edit, if the payment was NOT an online payment immediate, then display Payment Method field (payment_instrument_id) for editing. The value entered should be stored with financial_trxn; if after edit no payment has same payment_instrument_id as contribution, change the contribution's to a convenient payment's, like the just saved one.

      Additional change #2 coded before Aug 4:

      3 g) Payment Method (payment_instrument_id)


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