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      General Notes

      • Please redo the below listed reports with the modifications noted for each. In all cases, take advantage of structured input fields for parameters as much as possible (combo list/select, date select if available, etc.).
      • Make sure parameter labels are user friendly text - not variable names, etc.. Show CURRENT value of user entered params in header section of each report.
      • I've committed updates to svn for several of these files. Use corrected query and datasource info from my latest svn commits as a starting point.
      • Set your datasource to use following standards (and set these values in all reports): DBName = civicrm, DBUser = civicrm, DBPassword = civicrm

      Reports to Redo
      1. ContactReport - start w/ my revised 3.2 compatible version (in svn) which fixes the query and provides combobox parameters for Individual and Group.

      2. ContributionByYear - Change title to "Contact Contribution Totals By Date Range"

      • Modify parameters to take 2 parameters:
      • From Date
      • To Date
      • Display current param values in the header below report title
      • Modify query to sum the contributions for each contact across the date range and sort by contribution total DESC.
      • Modify output columns:
      • Contributor Name
      • # of Contributions
      • Avg Contribution
      • Total Contributed

      SELECT contact.display_name, SUM(contrib.total_amount) AS contrib_total, COUNT( as contrib_count, AVG(contrib.total_amount) AS contrib_avg
      FROM civicrm_contribution contrib,
      civicrm_contact contact
      WHERE contrib.contact_id = AND
      contrib.is_test = 0 AND
      contrib.receive_date >= ? AND
      contrib.receive_date < = ?
      GROUP BY
      ORDER BY contrib_total DESC

      NOTE: We'll need to figure out a way to pass the 2nd param to the query with 23:59 timestamp appended.

      3. ContributionTotalsByHousehold
      If we can figure out the query to do a similar report to #2 above - except that we aggregate and group contributions on Household contacts (i.e. list of Households where Individuals who are household members OR household heads have made contributions + the total amount, count and avg of contribs associated w/ each household).

      4. statusBasedParticipants

      • Modify parameters - add Event Title select (so you select Event and Participant Status from drop-down lists)
      • Query sort is by sort_name ASC
      • Display both selected Event Title and Status params in header of report

      5. contributionGraphReport

      • Move this into Contribute directory
      • Change report title: "Contributions by Type"
      • Change grouping in main report to group by contrib type instead of contact type. Add sub-footers w/ totals for each type if you can figure it out. (This change makes sense because the report detail will then map to the chart).
      • Move the chart above the detailed report in the layout (since it is a summary of the data).
      • Add From and To Date params as in other 2 contribution reports.

      6. (Membership reports TBD)




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