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Add PayJunction payment processor


    • Type: New Feature
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.9
    • Fix Version/s: 1.9
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      Contributing a new payment processor to CiviCRM to be included in next released CiviCRM version.

      This zip file contains the code needed to add a PayJunction (http://www.payjunction.com) payment processor to CiviCRM.

      **About PayJunction**

      We've found PayJunction to be a solid performing online merchant. They have decent reporting tools, helpful customer service (they are on the small side), and low fees. They support recurring charges, but don't support callbacks when subsequent charges are made. In general, they've have worked out well for are customer who charges about $40,000 a month.

      **About this processor**

      This payment processor was originally developed for CiviCRM 1.6 and then ported to 1.8. It was developed and tested using PHP 5.1.6 and MySQL 5.0.48. The Authorize.Net and to some degree the Moneris payment processors were used as models in its development. It processes inline, similar to PayPal Pro, so there is no passing off the user to another website. The PayJunction processor supports recurring contributions.

      **Included in this package**

      This package includes the following files:

      • CRM/Contribute/Payment/PayJunction.php - contains CRM_Contribute_Payment_PayJunction which extends CRM_Core_Payment_PayJunction
      • CRM/Core/Payment/PayJunction.php - contains CRM_Core_Payment_PayJunction class which extends CRM_Core_Payment
      • packages/Services/pjClasses.php - contains the PayJunction specific processing functions

      These files should be placed into the respective locations in the CiviCRM baseline.

      **Core database updates**

      Additionally, the following SQL statement needs to be put into any future DB update scripts. This statement creates a record for the Payment Processor Type, which is needed in order to create a PayJunction payment processor.

      INSERT INTO civicrm_payment_processor_type
      (domain_id, name, title, description, is_active, is_default, user_name_label, password_label, signature_label,
      subject_label, class_name, url_site_default, url_recur_default, url_button_default, url_site_test_default,
      url_recur_test_default, url_button_test_default, billing_mode, is_recur )
      (1,'PayJunction','PayJunction',NULL,1,0,'User Name','Password',NULL,

      **Contact information**

      If you have any questions, contact Michael Morris at mmorris@phase2technology.com (http://www.phase2technology.com)




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