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      This functionality allows users to define new Groups of contacts, edit Group-level info, and view / modify membership lists for each group.

      There are two type of groups:

      • Static: membership is by explicit assignment. Contacts are 'in' a group solely based on the presence of records in the join table - crm_group_contact.
      • Dynamic: membership is determined by matching contact properties to a saved search (sql query) - although members may also be explicitly assigned or excluded via entries in crm_group_contact.

      Functional requirements:

      • Groups may be "converted" from dynamic to static type. This is implemented by inserting a crm_group_contact record each currently 'matching' contact.
      • Contacts may be explicitly EXCLUDED from a dynamic group. This is implemented by inserting a crm_group_contact record w/ status = 'Out' (same method as removing a member from a static group).
      • Contacts may be explicitly INCLUDED in a dynamic group (regardless of whether they 'match' the associated query).
      • Contact status relative to a group is retained when they are removed (status=Out, In/Out_date and In/Out_method fields give a history snapshot)
      • Creating a New Group should be implemented as a multi-step wizard.
      • Saved searches can also be used to retrieve lists of 'potential members' for a static group - both at group inception and subsequently to add more members.
      • Group member 'Browse' should support 'Search within this group' (simple search is ok)
      • Group member 'Browse' should support filtering by Status (e.g. show me all Pending members...)




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