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Can't turn off Duplicate matching for profiles


    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.8
    • Fix Version/s: 2.0, 2.1
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      quote author=samarkand link=topic=1406.msg6105#msg6105 date=1193085359
      I've set up a profile and I don't want CiviCRM to do duplicate matching.

      I've left "Update contact on a duplicate match?" unchecked in the profile settings, yet if someone uses the form and enters an email that already exists on the database, then that pre-existing contact is updated rather than a new contact created.

      Even if I eliminate all the fields in the "Matching Rules for Individual Contacts," or if I set the weights in every duplicate contact rule so that a matching email is insufficient to attain a matching contact, CiviCRM still considers a pre-existing email to warrant a matching contact, and thus updates the old contact rather than creates a new one. (In testing, I filled in the form using a different computer from what I am logged in with so that there aren't any logged-in-user issues coming into play.)

      This problem has (mostly*) been recreated on the CiviCRM demo. A "Halibut Lovers" profile has been set up with the duplicate matching setting unchecked: http://demo.civicrm.org/drupal/civicrm/admin/uf/group?action=update&id=5

      The duplicate contact rules are all set so that the weight of a matching email is insufficient to call a matching contact.

      The profile form at http://demo.civicrm.org/drupal/civicrm/profile/create?reset=1&gid=5 was filled out using the email address of Jane Demouser (Contact ID#102) but with a different first and last name. Despite the unchecked duplicate matching setting and duplicate contact rules, Jane Demouser was transformed into Arno Salzburg, the first and last names entered on the form.

      • This problem was only "mostly" recreated on the demo because I got a "non-recoverable error" when I tried to fill out the form on a different computer from what I was logged in with. The demo seems to only let you fill out a profile form if you are logged in.


      quote author=Sarah link=topic=1663.msg7218#msg7218 date=1196308199
      Hi I found another post with the same issue here- http://forum.civicrm.org/index.php/topic,1406.0.html

      this is pretty much the problem I am experiencing.
      Even as an anon user, if I enter a name and address with an email that already matches one in the database it will replace that record with the new information.

      guess we will have to wait for the 2.X release.





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