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Find contacts / find members searches get mixed up


    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.8, 1.9
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      When working on tasks in CiviCRM, it's often helpful to open up additional tabs in my Firefox browser.

      One such task in which multiple tabs are helpful is in comparing members of a particular group with the general list of contacts in the database. So I will do a "Find members" search of a group under one tab, and a general "Find contacts" search in another, and I'll get those two separate listings. However, if I hit the "Next >" link (or one of the alphabet-letter links) to view additional contacts in a listing in which there are too many results to display on one page, the results that then appear are often drawn from the listing in the separate tab.

      For example:

      In Tab 1, after clicking the "Members" link next to a particular group on the "Manage groups" page, I'll see the first 50 members listed, in alphabetical order, out of the 400 members of that group.

      In Tab 2, after doing a general "Find contacts" search of the database, I'll have the first 50 contacts listed, in alphabetical order, of the 1500 contacts in CiviCRM.

      In Tab 1, I click on the "Next >" link where I see the next 50 members of the group and, since the displayed results are moving up the sequence of the alphabet, many of those members' names now begin with "C".

      In Tab 2, in the general contacts listing, I click the "C" alphabet-letter link to view contacts in the database whose names begin with "C" so I can compare those people with the members of the group in Tab 1. However, the results I get back are actually the members of the group in Tab 1 whose names begin with "C" --rather than results drawn from the general list of contacts in the database.

      There are other permutations of this example in which a listing in one browser tab will get jumbled with a listing in another. It seems that the links in a "Found group members" or a "Found contacts" listing like "Next >" and the different alphabet letters should have their own integrity, rather than being influenced by what is displayed in another browser tab.

      Benjamin Parke
      American Friends Service Committee




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