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Component Exports : Select Fields to Export and Save / Load Export Mappings. All Exports: Option to select Saved Mapping in step 2.


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    • Affects Version/s: 2.0
    • Fix Version/s: 2.1
    • Component/s: Core CiviCRM
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      Currently, component Exports (Contributions, Memberships, Participant records) provide a fixed set of data (all component transaction fields and a subset of contact fields). This issue will add the ability to "Select fields for export" and "Save / load saved mapping" to the 3 component export functions. We will also streamline the workflow for ALL export tasks by allowing the user to load a saved mapping from step 2 (if any exist).

      Specific requirements:
      1. For each of the 3 component export tasks, step 2 will offer choice (radio button) to:
      "Export ALL participant fields and PRIMARY contact fields"
      "Select fields to export"

      Choice 1 will output the same data as is currently done.
      If choice 2 is selected, optionally display a select drop-down with any saved mappings FOR THAT COMPONENT EXPORT.

      2. Step 3 (select fields / save mapping) - will allow user to select from ALL component-specific fields (e.g. all Participant standard and custom fields) AS WELL AS all fields currently available from the core Contact Export Select Fields feature. This includes all contact custom fields.

      3. Saved Export Mappings are linked to a specific component OR to the core contact export. (e.g. if I save an export mapping from Find Participants, that mapping is only available to Load from that search flow).

      4. Custom Search exports contain a fixed set of data (defined in the custom search component). Therefore, they should bypass step 2 of the "wizard" and immediately output the CSV file. If this is "messy" to implement, then the other option is to pass a flag into step 2 so that the radio button form field is hidden and the user just gets some text and the Continue button - "Click continue to download your export data."




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