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Permissioning Relationships Between Contacts


    • Type: New Feature
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    • Affects Version/s: 2.1
    • Fix Version/s: 2.1
    • Component/s: Core CiviCRM
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      (This specification supports the use cases described here: http://blog.civicrm.org/node/318 )

      1. Add permissioned property to the Relationship object
      For this implementation, permissioning is on / off (not operation-specific).
      1.1 Permissioning is "directional" so we need the following new boolean columns in civicrm_relationship:

      • is_permission_a_b default 0
        ++ If true, contact a has permission to view / edit contact and related data for contact b
      • is_permission_b_a default 0
        ++ If true, contact a has permission to view / edit contact and related data for contact b

      1.2 Note the "DB upgrade task" on wiki : http://wiki.civicrm.org/confluence/display/CRM/Upgrade+Requirements+-+2.0+to+2.1

      2. View / Edit Relationships
      2.1 Modify create / edit relationship form, and view relationship page to include is_permission_<direction> fields as checkboxes.
      [ x ] $display_name_a . ' can view and update information for ' . $display_name_b
      [ x ] $display_name_b . ' can view and update information for ' . $display_name_a

      3. Contact Dashboard - Display Permissioned Related Contacts
      3.1 Add new section w/ selector to the Contact Dashboard. Section title is "My Contacts / Organizations"

      3.2 Allow admin to enable / disable this section via civicrm_preferences.user_dashboard_options. Default is TRUE.
      3.2.1 civicrm_add_domain.tpl needs a new insert statement for a civicrm_option_value record in the 'user_dashboard_options' option group
      3.2.2 upgrade (2.0 - 2.1) script needs to add this record (note this on the wiki 2.0->2.1 upgrade page)

      3.3 Include section / selector in contact dashboard IF enabled via site preferences AND there are 1 or more relationships WHERE:

      • relationship.is_active is true
      • relationship is current (start_date <= today() <= end_date)
      • reiationship.s_permission_<direction> is true
        (For now, we'll only list "Current" permissioned relationships - not Inactive ones.)

      I think we can use the existing Relationships selector - CRM_Contact_BAO_Relationship::getRelationship for this page. (same columns are good)

      Selector Actions
      Edit - Load selected contact in a hard-coded "simple contact information" form. This is the same form we'll use when collecting Organization info for the "on behalf of" contributions and event registration. The form is a subset of Edit.php, containing the following fields:

      • If related contact is an Organization - Organization Name
      • If Individual - Prefix, First, Middle, Last, Suffix
      • If Household - Household Name
      • is_primary address fields - include all address editing fields as configured in preferences.address_options
      • is_primary email (one only)
      • is_primary phone (one only - type = Phone)

      Disable - After jscript confirm, set's relationship.is_active to false
      Dashboard - Link to Contact Dashboard for the selected contact (this allows user to view Groups, Memberships etc for the related permissioned contact)

      4. Modify permissioning on Contact Dashboard
      To allow user to view their permissioned related contacts' dashboards independent of the "view all contacts" or ACL permissions they might have.


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