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User registration with Profile fields and massmailer_rolelists enabled causes loop


    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.1
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      reported by: Jesse Mortenson (jesse@idcwebdev.com)
      -Drupal (Civicspace, both pre-existing and totally clean installs
      -PHP 4
      -Exposing any field through CiviCRM Profile (even first and last name only)
      -MySQL 4.1.8-standard

      This is the same registration bug (minus a related problem with the geolocation - I fixed that)I have reported previously to the development list. The problem occurs when CiviCRM Profile fields are enabled for the user registration page and a user tries to create a new account. Clicking submit successfully writes user data and Profile fields data to the respective tables, but the user does not see the "account created" screen nor get a confirmation e-mail. Rather, the browser hangs in an infinite loop. This has affected all versions of CiviCRM 1.0 - 1.1 that I've tried.

      The news is that the cause of the problem seems to be having the massmailer_rolelists module enabled. The module tries to auto-create a mailing list for each user role in Drupal at the time of user registration. I didn't think it was relevant because in my initial test case all user role lists were already created. Nonetheless, toggling this module off and on clearly also toggles the error. I have not investigated what in massmailer_rolelists might be triggering this. I will note that massmailer_rolelists works fine (apparently) without CiviCRM turned on (so I don't know if it is a bug on your side or the massmailer folks).

      It took me a long time to figure out this bug! Massmailer_rolelists ships with civicspace, so might be worth addressing. I can't say for sure that other variables aren't involved (ie with my server env.) but I've tried to screen for them.




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