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Activity Type description displays incorrectly on Schedule an Activity page.


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      When I access the Schedule an Activity page from the Contact Summary page by clicking on "Other Activities," there's a dropdown list that includes all of my custom activity types. When I select an activity type, the activity type's description appears next to this dropdown list.

      However, the activity type description that appears does not match with the activity type that I've selected. After examining the MySQL database, I see that the activity type name and description are properly saved in civicrm_activity_type. My custom activities have id numbers 4, 5, and 6.

      When I select the Volunteer, which is id #4, from the dropdown list, the description for Test Activity, id #6 appears. When I select Donation (id #5), the description for Volunteer (id #4) appears. And when I pick Test Activity (id #6), the description for Donation (id #5) appears.

      This is what appears to be happening: the dropdown list of custom activities is ordered alphabetically (Donation, Test Activity, Volunteer, in that order.) However, the activity descriptions are appearing as sorted by id number of the activity with which it is connected. So, Donation is first in the list alphabetically, and when it is selected, the description for Volunteer appears because Volunteer is the first custom field (id #4.) And since Test Activity is the second alphabetically, it's being paired up with the activity type description that's second numerically (Donation, id #5.)

      This bug doesn't seem to affect how the information is actually stored - everything still works fine.




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