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Custom Data - Extend Activity, Phonecall, Meeting, Group and Contribution Classes


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    • Fix Version/s: 1.3
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      1. Custom Groups may 'extend' Activity, Phonecall, Meeting, Group and Contribution Classes (in addition to existing options to extend Contact, Individual....Location...).

      NOTE: Contribution is a new class - schema has been implemented in trunk.

      1.1 Add/Edit Custom Group (uf/group)
      -Modify 'Used for' (extends) select values to include new options
      Change ' all contact types -' default label to 'All Contacts'

      • Display Style is always 'Inline' for groups which do NOT extend All Contacts or one of the contact types

      1.2 Data values are stored in civicrm_custom_value with appropriate entries for entity_table (civicrm_contribution, civicrm_activity, etc.) and entity_id (PK of associated gift or activity).

      1.3 All defined custom groups are included as fieldsets in the Add/Edit Form and View for the applicable class (handled the same as Inline groups for Contacts)

      2. Profiles (UF_Group) may now include core and custom fields belonging to different classes
      2.1 Add/Edit Profile Field (uf/group/field) - CiviCRM Field Name drop-down (civicrm_uf_field.field_name) includes all core fields for contact, activity, meeting, phonecall and contribution, AND all enabled custom fields - regardless of which class they extend. For readability, we should group the fields by class and use null separator options:

      • Contact Fields -
        First Name
      • Custom Contact Fields -
        Marital Status
      • Activity Fields -
        Scheduled Date
      • Custom Activity Fields -

      2.2 Modify Profile form processing code so that it can handle insert or update of multiple objects/classes from the same form (e.g. insert a new contact AND an activity or contribution record)




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