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Version/ updating/ logging CiviCRM installations


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      -My general thought is to put the power in the users
      hands and clearly tell them what is being shared.

      • I addded the concept of a directory, just to give us
        the opportunity to list CiviCRM users for marketing
        purposes (I figure you would just grab the URL from
        the config file- are there security concerns here?).
        -If we pull information like URLs or detailed config
        information, that should somehow be secure, if it
        can't be secure, I would just enable "no logging" and
        "full logging" with a warning to full logging people
        that their information is transmitted open over the

      OK, I think of this stuff in terms of UI, so bear with

      (1) We should display the current version on the
      "Administer CiviCRM" page. Maybe an icon & "CiviCRM
      vX.Y. If a new version is avaliable, maybe in red "(a
      new version is avaliable).

      (2) Click on the icon to get to the detail page.

      A hyperink to the upgraded codebase (if any): A new
      version is avaliable...

      It offers the administrator four choices, they have to
      choose one. Default is (b) minimal share.

      (a) Share no information.
      This CiviCRM installation will share no information
      with the central server. You will not be notified of
      security updates and version upgrades.

      (b) Share minimal information
      This CiviCRM installation will share you current
      version and configuration information with the central
      server. This information will be anonymous and used to
      prioritize future development. You will be notified on
      new versions and security updates on this page <link
      to exactly what is shared>

      (c) Include me in the directory
      This CiviCRM installation will share information with
      the central server and list you as a CiviCRM user in
      our directory. <link to exactly what is shared>

      (d) Full Partner Logging
      This CiviCRM installation will share detailed
      information on which features are used and which
      features are not used. <link to exactly what is

      Please consider sharing this level of information with
      us. CiviCRM development is prioritized according to
      the needs of our userbase, information on your usage
      is critical.

      <<link to privacy policy>>




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