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Load Test by Recordset Size: datasets, script and performance report


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          • NOTE *** This write-up contains DRAFT requirements for this task. Please review with Yash, and get back to me with issues, suggested modifications, etc.

      Objective: Create datasets and test script(s) which can be used to report on the effects of larger recordsets on application task performance.

      • Create datasets of 1K, 10K and 100K contacts (these are initial values - and should be parameterized in the dataset creation function so we can easily create 'x' datasets of 'y' sizes).
      • Create script(s) which can be used to load each dataset and run a sequence of high frequency CRM tasks. The script(s) should output the execution times for each task, for each size recordset. Ideally a single script can run all tasks against the specified recordsets and generate a matrix of exec times.
      • Tasks should include:
      • insert new contact
      • update existing contact with an additional location
      • insert relationship
      • delete contact
      • basic search for partial name string (e.g. Name = 'jam')
      • search by group (find all members of a selected group)
      • add contact to a group




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