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Contact Relationships - Past and Disabled Relationships


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      Our data model is intended to support historical relationship info (both 'past' and 'disabled'). The sample data loader (GenerateContactData.php) and the UI need modifications to support the existing schema.

      • (K - ask Yash for help on this if needed) Sample data relationships should have is_active col = TRUE (currently all are set to FALSE)
      • totalRelationshipCount should only count 'current' relationships by filtering on is_active = TRUE AND (end_date >= now or null)
      • relationship browse (contact/view/rel action=browse) should segment into 3 sets:
      • Current Relationships
      • Past Relationships (this is where end_date < now)
      • Disabled Relationships (is_active = false)
        [this is similar to ContactGroup layout..Past and Disabled sections only show if there's records with that status]
      • Available 'actions' for each set are
        Current - View, Edit, Disable, Delete
        Past - View, Edit, Disable, Delete
        Disabled - View, Edit, Enable, Delete
      • Enabled? field is added to 'view' (action eq 4) only for now. Let's not include it in the add/edit form since they're already complicated enough and the user can enable/disable from the browse tables.
      • start and end-date year selects (add/edit form) should include future years (now + 10)
      • when creating a Head of Household relationship, also update the Household contact record's primary_contact_id with the individual H of H primary key value (this is currently being done by the sample data loader, but not during UI updates)




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