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Drupal Access Control - Giving Access to Profiles and Online Contribution Pages also forces display of CiviCRM link in Drupal Navigation Menu


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    • Fix Version/s: 1.4
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      Site administrators need to be able to give anonymous users (and other roles) permission for:
      -CiviCRM Profile Listings

      • make online contributions
        WITHOUT causing the CiviCRM module menu link to appear in the main Drupal navigation menu.

      This is problematic - since the CiviCRM menu link accesses our basic search page which is a dead-end (no contacts will be returned by searches for anonymous users/roles w/ this set of permissions).

      Currently, In Drupal's administer >> access control screen - if you uncheck 'access CiviCRM' for a role - but leave 'Profile Listings' and/or 'make contributions' checked - and click Save... then 'access CiviCRM' is RE-CHECKED automatically by the forms post-process. Therefore the 'dead-end' CiviCRM menu appears for that role.

      Pls see if we can modify our code to achieve on of the following:

      • If the only available permissions for a logged in role are access CiviCRM, access Profile Listings, make contributions - then suppress the CiviCRM module menu link in Drupal's user navigation menu.


      • Prevent access control form submit from re-checking 'access CiviCRM' (I'm assuming this will cause our module menu link to disappear).

      NOTE: I've looked through civicrm.module to see if I can determine what is 'special' about the 'access CiviCRM' permission - and don't find any clues except possibly the code in hook_block?? OR... Possibly the fact that this is the permission for the module's root path (civicrm) is what's causing drupal to do this.




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