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Even if Custom Data Field disabled, It is shown in Profile field


    • Type: Bug
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    • Fix Version/s: 1.4
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      Suggested rules/fixes for this issue:

      Admin >> Custom Data >> Disable Custom Field

      • When custom field is disabled we should also disable any uf_field records that are linked to it

      Admin >> Custom Data >> Delete Custom Field

      • When custom field is deleted we should also delete any uf_field records that are linked to it (this may already be coded?)

      Admin >> Profile >> Create/Edit Profile Field

      • Don't include disabled custom fields in Field Name selector in add mode
      • We need a way to deal w/ Editing a uf_field record that references a disabled custom field. We could add the linked disabled custom field to drop-down options array (and of course make it selected). Then add form-rule that doesn't allow user to set is_active = TRUE if a disabled custom field is selected (so they can't re-enable the uf_field while the custom field is still disabled).

      Profile (search form/listings/create/view) - we wouldn't need to change this code since it already suppresses disabled uf_field records.

      — From Manish —
      To recreate the "bug":
      Create one custom group and fields to it
      Create One CiviCRM Profile and add previously created custom fields aas profile fields
      Now disable one of the Custom Field
      View the Profile Group Preview.. it shows the disabled custom field




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