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Notes Functionality - Add/Edit/Browse Notes for a Contact


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    • Fix Version/s: 1.0
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      Extend and modify current Notes functionality as follows:

      • Add Contact screen - no change
      • Edit Contact and View Contact screen:
      • Contact Notes region displays list of 2 most recent notes in date order descending
        + If no notes, just show message - "There are no notes for this contact."
      • Display Notes in table with 3 cols (no column header needed here)
        + col 1 = truncated note text (can use smarty var|truncate in .tpl for this), linked same as 'View' (note)
        + col 2 = date (last modified)
        + col 3 = View | Edit links (see below for link actions)
        + later, we'll include another column for "By" (user who entered the note) - don't have that info yet
      • Include these links below notes summary (see below for link actions):
        + "New note" - (always shown)
        + "Browse all notes..." (only show this IF there are more than 2 notes for this contact.
      • Browse Notes + Add/Edit/View Note:
        + This should be setup as a new 'local task' under View Contact (in contact.module)
        + Page has four modes
      • BrowseOnly - just show summary list of notes for this contact, i.e. 'selector'
      • BrowseAdd - simple Add Note form on top, selector below
        (cursor should focus on Note field onLoad)
      • BrowseEdit+noteID - simple Edit Note form on top. Selector below.
        (cursor should focus on Note field onLoad)
      • BrowseView+noteID - Box on top displays entire text of referenced Note. Selector below.
        + On Add/Edit Save, put up status and return to BrowseOnly mode
        + Summary list is selector-style table of all notes
      • 2 columns, as above but with column header
      • Default sort is Date descending. Date column is 'sortable'.
      • Directory Structure
        + Functionality dealing with a Contact's Notes (like Browse Notes) goes under Contact
        + Add/Edit/View a Note functionality goes in a new Note tree
        e.g. templates/CRM/Note/Edit.tpl and View.tpl
        (we'll switch to using Edit.tpl rather than Add.tpl as naming convention for Add/Edit templates)




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