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      Various bugs / issues from testing today (trunk rev 4763):
      #679 ... Profile - Inherit custom field defaults

      • Do NOT set default value in field when in Profile Search form
      • Ideally, we should only set default when creating a new contact - not when editing Profile fields for an existing contact.
      1. 689 Profile Create/Update mode (civicrm/profile/edit)
      • Page title says "Find Contacts" - should say "Contact Information" (ok for create and update modes)
      1. Profile - Problem w/ display of Group(s) checkbox and value in Profile form and view pages.
        If Group(s) is included in the profile, and user/contact is a member of a listed Group, the group's checkbox and frozen display state correctly reflects Group membership ONLY when viewed by user=Admin. Even when the user views there own profile (via My Account Edit or View) - they do not appear to be a member of the groups they are part of.
        To recreate:
      • Manage Groups - Change Visibility of Newsletter Sub and Summer Vol groups to Public & Listings.
      • Add Group(s) to Constituent Info profile. Visibility = Public & Listings, searchable, required.
      • Register as a new user and check both Group(s)
      • Login to CiviCRM as admin and verify that your new user/contact is in both groups (this will show correctly both in contact/view as well as administer/user view (drupal/user/nn)).
      • Assign a password to your new user so you can login as them.
      • Open a different browser - or logout and close browser so you can start a new session.
      • Login as your new contact/user
      • Both my account "view" and "edit" modes for Constituent Info will NOT display group memberships.

      NOTE: I also tried some updates from My Account (re-checked the Group(s) checkboxes and submitted). I think this was working not quite right either - but hard to track since the values aren't showing correctly.

      1. 710 .. Profile - user-defined labels
      • User defined Label (uf_field.label) is not being displayed for "Group(s)", "Tags(s)", AND custom fields on both Profile Search form and the Edit (Add/Update) form. Also not displaying on Profile Preview (admin/uf/group?action=preview&id=1&field=0).
        To recreate:
      • Add "Group(s)" Profile field, assign "Work Teams" as label, set Searchable=True and Visibility=Public & Listings.
      • Bring up profile search (civicrm/profile?gid=n&reset=1) : field label still says "Group(s)".
      • Bring up user register or my account or profile/edit : field label = "Group(s)"
      • If you do a profile/view - correct field label is displayed. It is also correct on selector column headers.

      NOTE: This feature seems to work properly in Search and Edit forms for core fields I tested (e.g. Street Address)

      1. ... Profile - If email is searchable - we should NOT validate the field value as an email when the Search form is submitted.
      1. ... Profile - Clicking linked ("listings') custom field (checkbox) value from profile/view executes correct profile search BUT the search form checkbox is not "checked". To recreate - so a profile search (under gid=1) and click Details for a user that has "Precinct Walking" value under GOTV Experience. From their detail screen, click the "Precinct Walking" link. (civicrm/profile?reset=1&force=1&gid=1&custom_6=PW). The correct search is executed ("GOTV Experience like Precinct Walking") BUT the Precinct Walking checkbox on the search form is NOT checked.




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