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      This is a super trivial (& pretty obscure) but I wrote an extension for wmf to update the is_opt_out field to TRUE when someone is dead. It helps with their queries.

      The extension is here

      BUT, note that I wrote a TEST & since this was so simple I was hoping to use it as a trial to add an extension test to CI.....

      Category Criterion Required for
      Required for
      Admin Code is licensed under AGPLv3+, GPLv2+, LGPLv2+, MIT/X11, or BSD-2c Required Required  AGPL-3.0
      Admin Code is published on Required Required  Yes
      Admin Extension name uses "org.civicrm.*" namespace No Suggested  No
      Admin Bus factor >= 2 No Suggested  No, Eileen is the only committer.
      Admin Access to project is granted to infra team No Suggested Not evaluated.
      Admin Release schedule is aligned with core No Suggested Not evaluated.
      Coding All code complies with civicrm-core style guidelines No Required Not evaluated. 
      Coding Automated tests execute within 3 minutes (or less) No Suggested Not evaluated.
      Coding All dependencies are at similar stage (Ex: A stable project should not depend on an experimental project) No Required No apparent dependencies.
      Coding All strings are wrapped in ts() Suggested Required No strings.
      Coding The project does not override PHP, TPL, JS, or SQL from civicrm-core Required Required Passed.
      Coding The project does not conflict with other official projects Suggested Suggested Yes.
      Distribution The project is packaged as a CiviCRM Extension, Drupal Module, Backdrop Module, Joomla Extension, or WordPress plugin Required Required Yes.
      Distribution The project has a stable version (1.0+; not alpha or beta) Required Required Yes
      Distribution A demo site is provided Suggested Suggested Not evaluated.
      QA The project declares, on the in-app extension management screen, the nature of any changes it makes to existing data or functionality. Required Required  Passed.
      QA The project functions in all CMS's (for CiviCRM Extension) Suggested Suggested Not evaluated.
      QA An automated test suite is included Suggested Required Yes.
      QA Project is periodically re-validated with newer versions of CiviCRM and compatibility updates are published No Required Not evaluated.
      QA All patches are subjected to peer review No Suggested Not evaluated.
      QA All patches are subjected automated tests No Required Not evaluated.
      Support Documentation is published Suggested Required No.
      Support Issues are tracked in an open, public issue management system Suggested Required Yes, GitHub issues is enabled.

      Davi Tavares Alexandre and Frank J. Gómez reviewed this extension. It behaves as advertised, opting deceased users out of bulk emails both on install and as they are marked deceased. We also created a profile to kill contacts en masse and found that the extension behaved as expected.




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