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Batch Actions for Contact Selector(s)


    • Type: New Feature
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    • Fix Version/s: 1.0
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      1. Action form modifications
      1.1 Define radio button form field for action 'scope' as shown in wireframe e.g. [ x ] selected records only [ ] all 235 records
      1. 2. Modify form controls to separate Print and Export actions into submit buttons as shown
      1.3. Selector checkboxes should be quickform elements (currently they are defined in the .tpl). Note that changeCheckboxVals() Jscript requires that the fieldnames have a common prefix string (currently='chk').

      2. General flow for Actions -
      2.1 All actions except Print will take user to a separate page, in order to:

      • Select target(s) (e.g. for Tag, Add to Group, Add to Household)
      • Display scope (i.e. # of records affected) and request confirmation
        (e.g. for Delete and Export)

      2.2 Implement Jscript function to put up Alert('Please select one or more records for this action.') if no records selected. Probably also need server side redirect to a tpl that displays similar msg w/ [ OK ] button.

      2.3 All actions return to Browse Contacts - retaining selection critieria and current cursor (paging) location. With the exception of Delete action, checkbox states should also be retained on return (e.g. if user request Export for a subset of 'n' checked records on a page, those 'n' records should still be 'checked' after operation).

      3. Delete action
      3.1 Display Confirm/Cancel page with message box:
      "25 records are selected for deletion. Click 'Delete Records' to confirm or 'Cancel' to cancel this action."

      3.2 Form buttons: [ Delete ] [ Cancel ]

      4. Tag action
      4.1 Display form with simple table of checkboxes and category names:
      "Tag <nn> selected records by selecting one or more categories and clicking 'Tag Records'."

      [ ] Category 1
      [x ] Category 2

      4.2 Form buttons: [ Tag Records ] [ Cancel ]

      5. Add to Group action

      5.1 Display form with EITHER

      • simple <select> control w/ Group Names

      5.2 Form buttons: [ Add Contacts to Group ] [ Cancel ]

      6. Saved Search action tasks
      Creating and updating saved searches will be handled as action tasks. The existing tab (local task) for 'Save a Search', as well as the 'New Saved Search' link under the 'Browse Saved Search' tab, should be removed.

      6.1 New Saved Search
      This action task is always included in the task set. When executed, display form with english language query + Saved Search Name, Description fields. EX:

      Search for:

      • Contact Type - Individuals
      • Categorized as - Major Donors

      Save this Search as
      Name: ______________
      Description: ________________

      After [ Save ], return to simple or advanced search page (depending on where we came from).

      6.2 Update Saved Search
      This action task is only shown when a saved search is being run. If selected, go to same form as above, but with Name and Description fields filled. [ Save ] action in this case updates the currently active saved search. Update function modifies search criteria (based on current search form values) as well as Name/Desc for saved search.




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