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Creating new financial type without AR account leads to unbalanced transactions



      Creating a new financial type is a common, simple end-user task. Linking accounts to a financial type is somewhat confusing and a bit unexpected for many users. The fact that you should link multiple accounts to a financial type isn't obvious to most users who create an account.

      If users neglect to create an A/R account, pay-later contributions result in unbalanced transactions in the export.

      Instead of relying on convincing non-accounting users to link financial type accounts, the better method is to link accounts to the financial type right upon creating it. Novice users will ignore what happened, while advanced users with complex accounting needs will be able to change or delete the links.

      Here are the changes that ought to happen when a new financial type is created:
      1. A new income account is created with the same name as the financial type
      2. That income account is linked as "Income Account is" to the financial type
      3. The first accounts receivable account found (probably the only one--Accounts Receivable) is linked as "Accounts Receivable Account is" to the financial type
      4. The default expense account found (probably the only one--Banking Fees) is linked as "Expense Account is"
      5. The default cost of sales account found (probably the only one--Premiums) is linked as "Cost of Sales Account is"

      Instead of opening a new add financial account window, the user should get sent to the listing of financial accounts that are associated with the financial type. A notification should display saying, "Your Financial Type _____ has been created, along with a corresponding income account _____. That income account, along with standard financial accounts _____, _____, and _____ have been linked to the financial type. You may edit or replace those relationships here."


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