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New Event Registration with partial payment


    • Type: New Feature
    • Status: Done/Fixed
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed/Completed
    • Affects Version/s: 4.5
    • Fix Version/s: 4.5
    • Component/s: CiviContribute, CiviEvent
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      Back-office staff may:

      • Record partial payment for an event registration.
      • Both the contribution and the participant record will be assigned a status of Partially Paid until the balance owing is zero. This will allow staff to easily locate partially paid registrations.

      1. Define new participant status: 'Partially paid'

      • Status is 'Counted', Class='Positive', Reserved=TRUE, Visibility=Admin, Active=TRUE
      • Add to civicrm_data
      • Insert in upgrades

      2. Define new contribution status: 'Partially paid'

      • Reserved=TRUE, Active=TRUE
      • Add to civicrm_data
      • Insert in upgrades

      3. New Event Registration (modifications)
      Currently (4.4) the Total Amount (Payment Info field set) defaults to total owing AND the user can change that to a smaller amount. However we don't do anything special in that case. We need to make the following changes to postProcessing to handle this condition.

      Client Side form behaviors (jQuery)

      • If user enters a Total Amount less than the calculated total fee, set Participant Status to 'Partially paid' (user MAY override this and change it to something else later)
      • When user clicks "Save", if the Total Amount entered is less than calculated fees AND the participant status != 'Partially paid', put up a jScript confirm dialog:
        "Payment amount is less than the amount owed. Expected participant status is 'Partially paid'. Are you sure you want to set the participant status to $statusLabel? Click OK to continue, Cancel to change your entries."

      Post Process changes

      • New contribution record is always inserted with the total OWING (calculated fees) as the total_amount. If total_amount = total owing, NO changes in the rest of the postProcess flow.

      If the total_amount on the form is less than the amount owing:

      • Contribution status is set to 'Partially paid'.
      • Financial trxn record is created with total_amount = the amount actually being paid (total_amount from the form). Financial_trxn status is Completed. TO account = the applicable ASSET account (based in payment_instrument)
      • A second financial_trxn record is created for the BALANCE owing. Rules for setting values for this transaction are the same as for a new Pending pay-later transaction:
      • to_financial_account_id = account with "Accounts Receivable Account is" relationship to the financial type of the contribution
      • from_financial_account_id = NULL
      • status = Completed


      • Extend unit tests to cover participant create with partial payment
      • Extend web-tests to cover the above workflow (participant registration with partial payment)




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