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      Kurund - These APIs pretty much follow the Membership APIs so you can clone that file and modify from there. I simplified a few of the naming patterns (crm_create_participant instead of crm_create_contact_membership for example). Let me know if you think the params / patterns / naming for these need adjusting for ease of implementation or consistency.


          • Event APIs ***
            crm_create_event( $params )
            Required: $params['title'], $params['event_type_id'], $params['start_date']
            Use the following defaults for other NOT NULL DB columns if values are not passed in params:
            is_public = 1
            is_online_registration = 0
            is_monetary = 0
            contribution_type_id = 0
            is_map = 0
            is_active = 1

      crm_update_event( $params )
      Required: $params['event_id']

      crm_delete_event( $eventID )
      Required: $eventID

      crm_get_events( &$params, $return_properties = null, $sort = null, $offset = 0, $row_count = 25 )
      For now, $params supports the following inputs (same as for iCal feed):

      • 'start_date' - yyyymmdd format, default = today
      • 'dur' - duration of search range in days, default = 30
      • 'event_type_id' - default = NULL (returns any event type)

      ... if it's trivial to support location parameters as well, that will be useful (e.g. 'city', 'state_province'). If not, we'll add them as needed.
      Returns an array of event properties (all available OR those specified in $return_properties).


          • Participant APIs ***
            crm_get_participants( $params )
            Required: $params['event_id'] OR $params['contact_id']
            Returns array of all available civicrm_participant properties for all civicrm_participant records WHERE event_id = $params['event_id'] and/or contact_id = $params['contact_id']. API users will have to filter on status_id if they only want participations with specific status(es).

      crm_create_participant( $params, $contactID )
      Required: $params['event_id'], $contactID
      Use default for status_id (1), and use today() for register_date IF NOT passed.

      crm_update_participant( $params )
      Required: $params['id'] (PK of civicrm_participant record to be updated)

      crm_delete_participant( $participantID )
      Required: $participantID


          • Participant Payment APIs ***
            crm_create_participant_payment( $params )
            Required: $params['participant_id'], $params['contribution_id']

      crm_update_participant_payment( $params )
      Required params =

      crm_delete_participant_payment( $participantPaymentID )

      For now, if API users want to register a participant for a paid event they will need to make 3 API calls:

      • crm_create_contact_participant
      • crm_create_contribution
      • crm_create_participant_payment




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