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Initial Completed Installment of Recurring Contribution Creates Incorrect Payment Instrument and Extraneous Financial Transactions


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      Hi all,

      This is an issue that I am not sure can be recreated in demo, but you should be able to recreate it on a dev site with any payment processor (confirmed the issue appears when using PayPal, Authorize.net and iATS).

      To reproduce:
      Create a recurring contribution - once the initial pending installment has been replaced with the completed contribution, look at the financial transaction records associated with the transaction ID - all with positive net_amounts and all with is_payment = 1, but the impact on the financial transactions seems to vary with payment processor.

      For authorize.net, you should three transactions have a to_financial_account_id = 17 (payment processor account), and:

      1. a positive total_amount with payment_instrument_id = 1
      2. a negative total_amount with payment_instrument_id = 4
      3. a positive total_amount with payment_instrument_id = 1

      The contribution itself also looks quite strange with "Check (Credit Card)" listed as the payment instrument when viewing the contribution - see attached screen shot for visual reference.

      For paypal, you should see four transactions:

      1. a positive total_amount, fee_amount and net_amount with payment_instrument_id = 1, to_financial account_id = 17
      2. a positive total_amount = fee_amount listed on first transaction, with $0 fee an net amounts with payment_instrument_id = 1 and to_financial_account_id = 10 (banking fees)
      3. a negative total_amount, positive fee_amount and net_amount with payment_instrument_id = 4 and to_financial_account_id = 17
      4. a positive total_amount, fee_amount and net_amount with payment_instrument_id = NULL, to_financial account_id = 17

      FYI - only a single line item and a single financial item record are created for the same transaction (the expected behavior) - it seems the issue lies in the financial transaction behavior.

      Thanks in advance for your time in looking into this and happy to test PR when one becomes available!

      Kind regards,


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