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Joomla resource URL issue -(symptom: Pay later not appearing as payment option.)


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      This used to work in version 4.7.9 but is now broken. To replicate this:

      1. Create a contribution page for membership.
      2. Use a confirmation page.
      3. Enable both a payment processor and pay later option.

      At this point, the contribution page will work fine with the payment processor. However, the pay later option is not shown on the main membership signup/renewal page. Of course, nothing is then seen on the confirmation page, and emails are not sent for pay later payments.

      In version 4.7.9 the pay later option was displayed, pay later instructions were shown on the confirmation page and emails are sent for pay later options. They are not not in version a report (listed below) says its not appearing in 4.7.10. I can verify that ut
      did not did appear in 4.7.15 and definitely not in 4.7.16.. A similar issue was reported concerning the display of pay later instructions on the confirmation page, along with emails sent. Here, the option is not given in the first place.

      This is on Joomla v3.6.5.

      Also reported here:


      UPDATE 2017-02-27: When a payment processor, in my case PayPal is selected along with the Pay Later option, the payment option area of the contribution page is not shown. However, if only Pay Later is selected, the payment option block is shown with only the Pay Later text I will pay by check displayed, and the checkbox already shown as checked

      UPDATE 2017-04-25:  Still having the same problem.   This time when setting up an event registration.    If both PayPal & Pay Later are selected, the Pay Later option IS NOT seen at all.  I had to create a separate event for Pay Later to allow those who wish to pay by check to do so.   However, rather than show the payment block as I noted on 02-27-2017, it just continues through the process, and then shows the Pay Later instructions as entered by the admin (me).

      IS ANYONE else having this issue??


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