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Edit Individual - Use Household Address : Display select household address in "Shared Household Address" fieldset when the household is selected and Handle Modify Cases Better


    • Type: Improvement
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.9, 2.0
    • Fix Version/s: 2.1
    • Component/s: Core CiviCRM
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      1. Currently, we display a fieldset for "Shared Household Address" when editing a record that has already been saved with "Use Household Address" set. However, given that the Household addresses in the dojo comboBox are a bit hard to read - it would improve usability if this "read-only fieldset" was displayed and populated with the Household Name and Address at the time the user makes the selection. The trigger for displaying the data should probably be when the cursor leaves the comboBox (onblur).

      2.1 Currently, when editing an Individual contact record which has "Use HH Address" true, we don't retrieve the Household info in the dojo comboBox (it's empty when the Edit form loads). We should fix this and load in the value of the existing linked Household.

      2.2 We should also include the Household Name in this fieldset - both in the immediate case as well as when editing the form at a subsequent time.

      3. We should inform the user on the Contact Summary page (contact/view) when an address is a "Shared Household Address" by adding 2 lines above the address block:

      Household Address:
      $household name
      55 Main Street

      4. Implement the following rules for handling changes to an Individual that has "Use Household Address" true:
      4.1 When "Use Household Address" is UNCHECKED, use javascript to write the existing address values (which we do have stored in this contact's address record) to the standard address fields for that location block on the form. Basically, this gives the user a starting point - and then they can change the new "local to the individual" address values as needed.

      4.2 When an Individual's "Member of Household" relationship is disabled or deleted, we need to check for and update the "Use Household Address" status by setting civicrm_contact.mail_to_household_id to NULL. Since a copy of the previously synched household address is still stored in the individual's civicrm_address record - this should result in the individual having "their own" address with the existing values.

      4.3 Check for a bug in the process of re-establishing the Household relationship by re-checking Use Household - as described in this forum post:




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