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Allow Double-opt-in Mailing List Subscription from a Profile


    • Type: Improvement
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    • Affects Version/s: 2.0
    • Fix Version/s: 2.1
    • Component/s: CiviMail
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      1. When Profile "Group(s)" field is added, it will do double-opt-in IF CiviMail is enabled and ONLY for groups where type = Mailing List.

      Example: If a user signs up for 2 groups, one is a Mailing List and one isn't... they will get a subscription confirmation request and be added to the group with "Pending Status" for the Mailing list group. For the group which isn't a Mailing List type, they will be added to the group w/ "Added" status and no confirmation request is sent for that group.

      2. "Email" field should be compulsory in a profile, if "Group(s)" field is added AND CiviMail is enabled AND if there are any Public groups of type = Mailing List.

      • For this add formRule, so that an "Email" profile field must be added before you add Group(s)
      • We should also show error message when profile is rendered if "Email" field is missing.

      ------------------------------------------------------------- Original post --------------------------------------------------------------------------
      Change the CiviCRM mailing subscribe pages to be configurable profiles. In order to function properly, for this type of profile it would have to perform the following three checks:

      1. Group has to be public visibility
      2. Mailing list group flag set
      3. Email Address Field

      It seems like this would be another profile set altogether called "Mailing List Subscription". Checking this type of profile would then perform the above checks. Should automatically add email address field to the profile on creation, then other individual fields can be added (Address, First Name, Last Name, etc).

      Other piece is that current model allows for subscriptions to multiple groups. So the normal "Add new contacts to a group" section should move up into the required area, but it should change to the following two options:

      1. "Assign contacts to specific group..." which then lets you choose from groups that have been previously set to Mailing List Subscription groups.
      2. "Contact chooses from available groups..." which will then apply any available Mailing List Subscription groups dynamically to the profile form.




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