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View and Edit Contact Relationship - Delete Function Needed + Other Minor Bugs


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      Several issues affecting the Contact Relationships code (contact/view/rel):
      1. need to implement Delete contact relationship (crm_relationship record) (I added placeholder 'link' to Page/Relationship.tpl browse table)

      2. roles are reversed on Edit vs. View/Browse

      • Add relationship - "Pat is Child of Rebecca"
      • Browse and Edit show this relationship from the viewpoint of the target (Rebecca) - e.g. 'Parent' Edit form shows Pat is Parent of Rebecca.
      • Desired result: browse and edit should display relationship from viewpoint of Contact being viewed

      3. New Relationship - Search results

      • Currently on shows contact names
      • Desired: weneed same data elements as existing relationships display table: city, state, email, phone

      4. We need to validate relationship_type_id field on Save

      • I added 'select' to options for this <select> - and if you hit Save w/o selecting a relationship type, we throw a DB error

      5. We should consider using standard addButtons to create Cancel buttons for Search section of form, and and Save section

      • currently implemented in template as <input type="button" onClick...>

      6. View (relationship)

      • this mode needs to generate a form w/ real cancel button (value="Done")
      • we need to load start_date and end_date (frozen) form fields defined
        (I've added them to the template).
      • ?? Should View be part of the Form/Relationship.tpl anyway ??




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