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CiviContribute - Find Contributions (contribution search)


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      Menu Title: Find Contributions
      User must have access permission for 'view contributions' or 'edit contributions' to access this screen.

      This is a basic search form plus results listings (selector table) - similar to contact search/basic.

      User can search for Contributions on the following criteria:

      • Contact Name (partial or full)
      • Contribution Date : From / To
      • Amount: Min / Max
      • Contribution Type: (multi-select checkbox group populated from contribute_type table - see below; e.g. Campaign Contribution, Membership Dues...)
      • Payment Instrument: (multi-select checkbox group populated from payment_instrument table - see below; e.g. Cash, Check, Credit Card...)
      • Contribution Status: (radio, default = Valid, Cancelled, All)

      NOTE: 'Valid' contributions are those with a null cancel_date value.

      Contact access permissions are used to determine whether a given contribution record should be included in the search results. So, if user A only has permission to'view contacts in New York Members' group - and they are granted 'view contributions' - they would only see contributions for contacts in the NY Members group. (Lobo has indicated that this search query should be implemented as an extension of the basic contact search - you may want to confer with him on this.)

      Results (listings) are sortable by each column and include:

      • Name
      • Contribution Type
      • Source
      • Recv'd Date
      • Thank-you Date
      • Cancel Date
      • Amount

      Row-level Actions = View, Edit, Delete
      Actions are displayed depending on permissions

      • 'edit contributions' permission is required for Edit, and Delete actions

      Cancelled contributions should be displayed in red (rows w/ non-null Cancel Date).

      The search criteria display included in the search results should include a Totals section which returns the number of matching contributions and the Grand Total Amount for the resultset.

      Batch level (selector) Actions for Phase 1:

      • Export Contributions
      • Print Contributions
      • Delete Contributions

      NOTE: This Jira issue includes implementation of Print and Delete tasks. Add/Edit (offline) Contributions, and Export Contributions will be handled under separate Jira issues.

      We probably should not allow Delete for 'Online Contributions'. These are contributions with one or more related FinancialTrxn records. Also, would be best to limit 'Edit' on these records to the following fields:

      • Cancel Date
      • Cancel Reason
      • Thank-you Date




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