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Insert and Update Contact from Profile - Values Not Set Properly When Using Pre-configured CivicSpace Profiles


    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.3
    • Fix Version/s: 1.3
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      Unfortunately - there's some bugs in Profile that will definitely be hit by CivicSpace installs because they deliver a set of pre-configured profiles which they need for their other modules and which trigger the bugs. I think we need to fix these in 1.3 (and of course in trunk) before the final CivicSpace release. This is high priority to investigate and hopefully fix w/o major changes in the 1.3 codebase.

      To recreate:
      1. Start with a clean (no sample contacts) CiviCRM 1.3 DB/site:

      • load civicrm_41.mysql and civicrm_data.mysql (NOT civicrm_generated)

      2. Now load the attached file which inserts the CivicSpace profiles (I've also updated this to change the default location_type to Home since the behaviors are even worse w/o this - but that's for another day).

      3. Update your own User/Contact with these Profiles (my account):

      • Edit and click Volunteer, add your first and last name and submit. Now do contact search. Your first, last, display and sort_names are set properly.
      • Go back to My Account >> Edit and click the Address profile and submit.
          • The display and sort_name are NULLED out on contact update for your contact record (bug 1)

      4. The remaining issues happen when you update the Profile settings for these 2 profiles to be used in User Registration. Different combinations cause different bugs.
      NOTE: If neither profile linked to user registration, contact is inserted with email in default location and display/sort_name set = to email address (this is correct behavior). However...

          • If both profiles linked to user registration, we get display and sort_name ok on contact insert but drupal email address is NOT written to the contact's default location (only address data is inserted). [bug 2]
          • If Address profile only in user registration, we get the Drupal email address inserted for our contact, but no sort and display name for new contact is set (s/b set to email address). [bug 3]




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