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Making the new GroupContact pre and post hooks more logical (and less error prone)


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      I've started back at integrating Drupal organic groups with CRM, this time with 1.4 as the target version.

      This is doable, but since I may be the only user of the code path so far, I strongly recommend changing the calling conventions of the new hook so that it is (1) more consistent with other uses of hook_civicrm_pre and hook_civicrm_post, and so that civicrm_pre can screen which ids are actually added or deleted from a group.

      To see why the current situation is unsatisfatory, look at how the hook is called for an Individual or a Group.

      First, look at the prototypes for the hooks (from CRM/Utils/Hooks.pre):
      static function pre( $op, $objectName, $id, $params = null );
      static function post( $op, $objectName, $objectId, &$objectRef );

      I don't have a lot of examples of the pre hook. But for post:

      Add a contact:
      CRM_Utils_Hook::post( 'create', $params['contact_type'], $contact->id, $contact );

      Delete a contact:
      CRM_Utils_Hook::post( 'delete', $contactType, $contact->id, $contact );

      Group is similar. But here's what you have now for GroupContacts:

      Add a list of contacts to a group:
      CRM_Utils_Hook::post( 'create', 'GroupContact', $contactIds, $groupId );

      Remove a group of contacts from a Group:
      CRM_Utils_Hook::post( 'edit', 'GroupContact', $contactIds, $groupId );

      First, the order is just weird. Remember that the prototype of the Drupal hook is:
      function hook_civicrm_post($op, $objectName, $objectId, &$objectRef);

      So $objectId is going to be an array in this case, and $objectRef is an ID. Confusing. And it will
      make for less readable code in the Drupal module, since it is going to be doing very different things with both $objectId and $objectRef depending upon context.

      Second, 'edit' is only called for deletion. This is not what a module writer would expect either.

      Certainly, documentation will help here, but I think it would be better if the call in this case were more in line with other uses of the hook.




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